Alter Ego: Between the Pages & the Sheets

Close your eyes while his cock penetrates your pussy. Feel every inch push and pull into you. Feel his touch on your skin. Is it firm or soft? Are you squirming or stiff? Is he caressing or squeezing you? How much pressure is he placing on your skin? What do his lips feel like pressed against yours? Or are his lips teasing you? Feel him, smell him and hear him. Be in the moment while you sexually empower yourself.

Is this what you think while he fucks you? If not, it might be an exercise worth trying. In doing so, you might be creating a new character within.

The Development of Zoe Winstein in Queen’s Dance

Erotic literature takes our imagination on a sexual journey. We live vicariously through insatiable, freethinking characters that liberally express their desires and often, we envision ourselves in these seductive, satisfying stories.

When I made the conscious decision to write erotic fiction, I knew I had to be more in-tune with my own sexual encounters, so I began to pay close attention to my partner’s body and how I responded to their touch, feel, smell and sounds. That was the beginning of Zoe Winstein. Being in the moment, not only assisted my writing but enhanced my sex life. Zoe Winstein is my alter ego.

Getting into the mind of your alter ego can be exhilarating and freeing.

Reading erotic literature can be satisfying, but writing it can elicit our alter-ego within ourselves. The process of writing erotic literature can be enlightening and assist you in finding and/or creating your alter ego. So, how do we make our fantasies come to life? Or more importantly, how can we harness the sexual prowess that lives inside of us? By writing about it.

An alter-ego is a person’s alternative personality. We all have desires as to who we want to be when no one is watching. And why do we want to create an alter ego? To escape reality, of course. However, many struggle in fear of being judged or ridiculed for stepping out of their comfort zone.

What inhibits us from becoming our alter-ego?

• Fear of being judged.

• Social norms.

• Lack of practice.

• What if you look stupid?

• What will people think?

• What if people laugh at you?

• Who do you think you are? You’re not brave/smart/strong enough to do that!

• What are you doing? Stop! Why would you take any risks?

• What is inhibiting you?

My advice…stop giving fu*ks about what others think. We all know that others are focused on themselves and aren’t thinking about you.

So, how do we unleash our alter-ego? Think about your alter ego…who do you want to be? Think of characters such as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Batman/Bruce Wayne, and Cat Woman/Selina Kyle. A traumatic event has occurred, which alters their perspective and hence the creation of the alter ego.

We can separate the ego with the alter ego based on our cognitive process. The ego says: “That’s terrifying. I better not do that.” The alter-ego says: “That sounds amazing! When can I get started?” The ego says: “But what will others say?”. The alter-ego says: “I don’t give any fu*k’s.” The ego says: “What if I fail?” The alter-ego says: “Who cares if I fail. I can add it to my list of accomplished things from my bucket list.”

There are many benefits to exploring the alter-ego, which includes: stepping out of your comfort zone, empower you, channel your genius, distance yourself from reality, and most importantly, have fun with some sensation seeking.

Steps in Creating your Alter-Ego

•Determine why you want an alter ego.

•Think of some characters with alter egos.

•Figure out your alter ego’s personality.

•Create a distinct image.

•Pick a name.

•Write your alter ego’s origin story.

•Adopt a mantra or a call to action.

•Create a uniform (ie. Cat Woman).

•Act as they would act/role play

Once you have created your alter ego, write about your sexual experiences. It can heighten the sensation of your sexual experience. I hope you try it. It’s well worth the time and effort.

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