Duct Tape

Alex glances at me with an expression of dissatisfaction.

Stefano is of course oblivious to Alex’s displeasure.  He is being vulgar as usual.  If his sentences didn’t start with the word ‘fuck’, you’d just have to wait for the conjunction…it was coming.  And the best part – or the worst, depending on the subject matter– is he didn’t give a ‘flying fuck.’

Stefano’s network of friends has slowly dwindled over the past year.  He isn’t the easiest person to be with, and that’s putting it gently.  Truth be told, he’s an inconsiderate megalomaniac. Stefano couldn’t read someone’s facial expression even if it was on a bill board in front of his own home. He couldn’t be bothered. And that was the difference between Stefano and I, which is precisely why he needs me.

“The fucking asshole lied to my face,” roared Stefano.

“Perhaps politics got in the way, and they could no longer keep his commitment?” Alex replies calmly.

“Then he should have fuckin’ told me that! Now I’m battling him, and I always win my battles.”

I interject, “You know what I say…stupider people argue with stupid people.  And yes, stupider isn’t a word, but it fits in this context, don’t you think?

“I don’t give a fuck.  Maybe I am stupider, but I’m going to teach him a fuckin’ lesson.”

Alex looks at Stefano and says in an almost maternally soft tone, “Calm down.  I think the table in the back heard you.”

“I’m not going to calm the fuck down!  If people don’t like what they hear, they can leave.”

I pull duct tape out from my purse and place it on the table. It took Stefano a few moments to notice the prop. I remain stoic in my demeanour.

Alex blurts out his laughter. “I knew I liked her when I first met her!”

“I always say, ninety-five percent fluff and five percent substance.”  I grin ear-to-ear.

Stefano’s blood starts to boil.  “I’m going to duct tape that mouth of yours shut Zoe.”

“Can I watch?” Alex inquires.

“With fuckin’ pleasure,” replies Stefano.

Stefano reaches for the duct tape and begins to unravel it to place over my mouth, then realizes there no adhesive on the tape.

I begin to laugh and pull out my gag ball.  “Perhaps I can put this in your mouth?”

Alex turns to me and laughs.  “I think she may have out-smarted you here Stefano.  She is most definitely a keeper.”

Stefano yells, “You can have her.”

“Promise?” I reply.

“Promise.  But first I’m going to sew your pussy and mouth up.”

“Promise to do that to?” I reply.

Stefano takes another sip of wine as he begins to slowly calm down.  “I promise.”

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